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Today, the media reports that the White House will issue new rules interpreting the landmark health reform legislation President Obama signed this month — in particular the provisions that prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage to children with pre-existing medical conditions, which has long been one of the most controversial practices in the industry.  After reading the article, what administrative law issues can you spot?

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… An article on ESPN.com about government regulation, encouraging the public to submit comments.  Anglers are worried that the Administration is going to limit their ability to fish recreationally (although a progressive media watchdog debunks this characterization).  There are a number of interesting administrative law issues here.

First, what’s the legal status of the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force and the recommendations they make?  Will the recommendations becoming binding?

Second, why doesn’t NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) simply propose regulations and start the rulemaking process?

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